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Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

Lucia di Lammermoor - Highlights with Ezio Pinza, Patrice Munsel und Jan Peerce (1952)

Before the Duhan Winterreise comes (which is not easy and takes much time, because the records do not play very well and need much manual work) I would like to fill the time with an early LP I once transfered for my pleasure. I am a Pinza Fan, and this record completes my collection of recordings from the end of his career. The other artists are also very fine, and the LP plays for nearly an hour.

The LP has a painted cover by the American artist John Carroll. As you can read in the liner notes below he is called one of the best American painters. To me it looks more like advertising art and typical design of the 50ies. Or something like "housewife comes out of the bathroom"... He did not portrait the singer of this album, but gives his phantasy of Lucia di Lammermoor. Or should it be Patrice Munsel on the painting? Compare the photo below and judge for yourself. Luckyly the singers bring the opera more to life than the cover of the record...

Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor – Highlights (1952)

1. Cruda funesta (A, B, C) 1. Akt 1. Szene
2. Regnava nel silenzio (D, E) 1. Akt 2. Szene
3. Egli s’avanca…Sulla tomba che rinserra (D, E, F)
4. Qui di sposa eterna fede…Verrano a te (E, F)
5. Chi mi frena (B, C, D, E, F, G ) 2. Akt 2. Szene
6. Il dolce suono… Spargi d’amaro pianto (E) 3. Akt, 1. Szene
7. Tombe degli avi miei…Fra poco a me ricovero (F) 3. Akt, 2. Szene
8. O meschina…Giusto cielo! (F, C)
9. Tu che a Dio spiegasti (Finale) (F, C)

A: Normanno – Luigi Velluci 
B: Enrico – Robert Merrill
C: Raimondo - Ezio Pinza 
D: Alisa - Thelma Votipka
E: Lucia - Patrice Munsel 
F: Edgardo – Jan Peerce
G: Arturo – Paul Franke

RCA Victor Orchestra and Chorus, Renato Cellini

RCA Victor LP LM 1710

PS. This is the first time that I try MEGA as hoster. 4shared seems to have its best times behind it, as the intrusive advertisements and a labyrinth of buttons, where it gets harder to find the right download spot, become more and more.

There a a few bumps which I could not remove without distorting the whole recording. Apart from this, the sound quality is rather fine.

Patrice Munsel

Jan Peerce 1954

Ezio Pinza 1947

Robert Merrill

Thelma Votipka

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