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Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Some Announcements

Someone sent me photos of the album of the Stückgold Wolf Lieder. So the album looked like this, marked as "Birch Records Vol. 2". What could Volume 1 be?

A friend of mine just got the Duhan Winterreise from the estate of a Viennese collector who recently passed away. I have the set already lying in my record room. As always, time is scarce, and it can take a few weeks or even months until I have it ready to publish it here. But it will definitely come on this blog.
(I am sorry, but I think mostly erverywhere the rooms of record collectors do look a little like junk rooms. Don't know why this has to be so...)

The next recording will be the complete Faust on Pre-Dog with Jörn, Destinn and Knüpfer from 1908. I am working on the tags and photos, and it will be ready during the next days (or hours? The night is still young...).

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