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Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

Alexander Kipnis: Rare Recordings vol. 1 (mainly Brahms)

Here is the first Playlist with rarer Kipnis recordings. It features the complete Brahms Song Society Vol. 2 and some addenda. All are transfered from original shellacks exept Nos. 19 and 20, which come from a Pearl LP. As Pearl had for a time the philosphy to leave the crackle on the published recordings, the LP contributions were declicked, too, just as the shellacks.

I am not such a fan of Brahms Lieder, but what Kipnis shows here is the finest Lieder singing you can get. I am always amazed how lively and mobile he takes all these Lieder. The quality of his voice and his "oily" legato makes me suppose sometimes that he was a kind of statuary singer, but in the contrary he was very spirited and vivacious, even when he also dominates the serious tone like in the Vier Ernste Gesänge of Brahms (in Brahms Lied Society vol. 1 from 1936, featured on the M+A CDs). It is a pity that he did not record more Lieder! You also must hear his Hugo Wolf recordings in the Hugo Wolf Society (on the Music + Arts Double CD). These are treasures that I enjoy since 30 years...
(It is fascinating when you live with great music that accompanies you through your life and stays always fascinating, even if you get older and older... This fascination I would like to share on my blog with you, and Kipnis is one of the best singers I know.)

Playlist: Rare recordings vol. 1

Brahms Song Society vol. 2
 1.  In stiller Nacht (Deutsche Volkslieder No. 42)
 2.  Mein Mädel hat einen Rosenmund (Deutsche Volkslieder No. 25)
 3.  Sandmännchen (Volkskinderlieder No.4)
 4.  Vor dem Fenster (op. 14.1)
 5.  Ruhe, Süssliebchen, im Schatten (op. 33.9)
 6.  Der Gang zur Liebsten (op.48.1)
 7.  O kühler Wald (0p.72.3)
 8.  Dein blaues Auge (op. 59.8)
 9.  Meine Liebe ist grün (op.63.5)
10. Geheimnis (op. 71.3)
11. Am Sonntag Morgen (op. 49.1)
12. In Waldeseinsamkeit (op. 85.6)
13. Wir wandelten (op. 96.2)
14. Wie Melodien (op. 105.1)
15. Wiegenlied (op. 49.4)
16. Auf dem Kirchhofe (op. 105.4)
17. Der Überläufer (op. 48.2)
18. Ein Wanderer (op. 106.5)
with Ernst Victor Wolff, piano
rec. 26., 26 and 30.IX. 1940, Victor 17744-49, Set M 751

Not on the EMI Resonance Brahms CD are: Nos. 1, 2, 11, 16, 17.

There is another unissued Brahms recording with Gerald Moore, made in the time when Brahms Song Society vol. 1 was recorded. It was published on the Pearl GEMM 377/8 Kipnis Double LP, and I took it from there.

19. Die Mainacht (Brahms)
20. Blindekuh op. 58.1 (Brahms)

with Gerald Moore, piano
HMV Matrix 2EA 3710-1, rec. 18.VI.1936

The published version of "Die Mainacht" on HMV DB 2995 or Victor 14307 was recorded on 2.VII.1936, also with Gerald Moore and not with a second Lied on the same side. "Blindekuh" was not otherwise recorded.

Last but not least here are two often recorded Lieder, which can not to be found on one of the downloadable CDs. The M+A CD features the Columbia version of Erlkönig from 1936.

21. Erlkönig (Schubert)
22. Die beiden Greandiere (Schumann)

with Celius Dougherty, piano

rec. 24.XI.1939, Victor 15825 (Diskography No. 91+92)

PS. There will be two more volumes in the next time on this blog with Kipnis recordings that are not commonly available. What I still need is the Diskography No. 111 and 112: Little Jack Horner (Diack - with apologies to Händel) and Ah Willow (trad.) on Victor 2135 or HMV DA 1726. I have downloaded the Little Jack Horner from Youtube, but the Ah Willow is nowhere to find...

PPS. If you have downloaded the file in the first few hours when this article appeared, you will have a little bug in it: Track 12 seems to appear two times. Just change the name of the second "Track 12" to:  "Ein Wanderer (op. 106.5)" and renumber it to 18. Or just download it again - meanwhile it is corrected.

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