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Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

Alexander Kipnis: Diskographie

Alexander Kipnis mit Teilen seiner Uhrensammlung (ca. 1947)

In addition to the article about Alexander Kipnis I would like to give here his (not very extensive) diskography from an old number of the Record Collector from the seventies or early eighties. It was compiled by James Dennis. It is a copy from a copy, and I don't know in which volume and year it was published. Also the ink marks were still on it when I got the copy, but it is for me the only way to give you an overview about Kipnis' recordings. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.) I have looked which recordings have been put on CD and are already given as Downloads (see my last Kipnis article) or which are still missing. Here you will also find the discographical informations for the CDs you already have downloaded.

The matrix No. for 3. is xxB 6299, for 4. it is not known.(LP GEMM 277/8). There are two other Odeon recordings: 4a. Schubert: Gruppe aus dem Tartarus (xxBO 6959, Odeon 57063) and 4b. Brahms: Wie bist Du, meine Königin (xxBO 6960, Odeon 57064). There is also an unpublished Gramophone with Matrix 621 1/2 as: 5a. Eugen Onegin: Ein jeder kennt die Lieb' auf Erden. All these are on the CD: Preiser Lebendige Vergangenheit vol. 2.

The Homochords are with "Orchester des Deutschen Opernhauses Charlottenburg, Ltg. Johgannes Heidenreich" (LP Pearl GEMM 277/8). As I only have the downloads from the Preiser CDs I don't know the booklets with the discographical informations there, but I must be that Preiser's Kipnis LV vol. 2 contains the Nos. 1 to 16 or 17 (16 and 17 are different takes of the same recording)  including the three unpublished sides.

 (The "USA 1927" are Columbia recordings, too.)

 CD Preiser Lebendige Vergangenheit Vol. 3 contains 22-35 and 39-42.

43-62 are on the first volume of Preiser's Lebendige Vergangenheit.

63-87 are on the Music + Arts Double-CD, just as 88-89, unfortunately without the "Heidenröslein" from 89, where only "Ungeduld" is given.

The Victor recordings from 1939 are not featured on one of the CDs. I have them in my collection and will transfer them soon. 96 is on the RCA Vocal CD with matrix CS-043397-2 from 20.XI.1939.

From the second volume of the Brahms Song Society, there are some sides on the EMI Reference CD. The missing ones I will transfer from my collection during the next days and publish them here.

113-122 are not known to me, and I never heard them or seen them on CD or LP.
The Boris Godunov-Set and the Russian arias (123-135) are on the third Prima Voce CD (and on RCA Vocal Series CD, too).

The matrix for 133 is D5-RC-1826-1 from Dec., 28th, 1945, according to RCA Vocal Series CD (see below).

From the Off-the-Air recordings, it seems that the mentioned "Barbier von Bagdad" excerpt from 1932  is the one on the Vol. 4 of Lebendige Vergangenheit.

So this is an overlook. I will try to publish as many as possible of the missing recordings. Most of them I have in my collection and will give them to my readers in the next time. What is missing is the part of the "Heidenröslein" from Columbia and the Russian songs from 1942. Also missing are 109-112. If you have it, please let me know. On the Double-LP Pearl GEMM 277/8 there are also two unpublished Brahms songs from a Victor matrix from 1936 with Gerald Moore, which will also be presented to you as soon as possible. So stay watching this blog until the next time...

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