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Samstag, 9. November 2013

Julius Patzak singt "Die schöne Müllerin" (1954)

Julius Patzak in älteren Jahren

In "afina tus oidos" you could find two weeks ago a "Schöne Müllerin" with Anton Dermota

and also a "Winterreise" from Julius Patzak.

Patzak also recorded a "Schöne Müllerin" 1954 with Walter Klien on the piano. To complete the collection of "Müllerinnen" in this blog, it is presented here:


I like Patzak and his singing, and even if these recordings are renditions of an "elder statesman", his voice mostly sounds good and his legato is fine. (The Winterreise above was recorded when Patzak, born 1898, was 66!). The Müllerin is affected a bit of too much reverb - Patzak was not very close to the microphone when he recorded the cycle. Also a matter of taste: he cannot hide his Viennese dialect all the time, and a German native speaker will find some strange streching of words. But all in all my vote: 4,5 stars (out of five) for his Winterreise, four for his Müllerin...

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