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Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

Regina Pacini Addenda

A reader from Argentina reported a CD about Pacini, on which there are some more recordings than featured in my playlist. He uploaded it on 4share and allowed me to use the link in my blog. So here it is!

Numbers 1-4, 7 and 11 - 17 were not featured on my playlist. The transfers are uploaded with 128 kB /s.

PS. I have made a hybrid list this morning,

which gives all the recordings collected in my playlist and on the CD in chronological order. All items are tagged now. When there was a doubling in my playlist and on the CD, I took my own transfers (which are 256 KB/S instead of 128 KB/s as the CD transfers of my fellow collector). Now you can download all by now known Pacini recordings exept four (missing are: xPh 2048 Aprile (Tosti); xPh 2058 Mignon Titania; xPh 2059 second Zauberflöte aria; xPh 2061 Melodia (Braga). If you look for her recordings, this will be the best download of all three (the link above, the link    in my posting from Sept.18th , and, as recommended, the collected playlist below:)


Regina Pacini - 24 Fonotipia sides

PPS a few weeks late: Meanwhile there is a still even more better version. My colleague Satyr put some work on the recordings, too. That he changed my "stereo" versions to mono is just a matter of taste, but he also declicked and decrackled the tracks that came from the CD above. Thank you, Satyr! Here is his version, which is now the most recommended:


  1. Wonderful! Thanks, I enjoy her voice very much. Greetz, Satyr

  2. Dear Emilio, I did some work on the album, which was quite noisy and also in a kind of stereo. I used ClickRepair and made the sound mono, which (for me) improves the joy of listening to these beautiful records. If you wish you can download the result (320rpm) at

  3. Dear Satyr,
    I have listened to your version, and it is a good work. In the end it is a matter of personal taste: I am used to process my shellacks in stereo, first because you get two different tracks sometimes with a different quality so you can repair one with the other. For the second: if I listen to the recording in stereo, the musical information is normally the same on both sides, while the noise changes and flutters on both sides. To put it to a picture: it is like travelling through space towards a big planet (the recording), while there are little stars and meteors which come in the way and pass (the noise). These little passing planetoids open the room for the planet to seem calmer and even bigger than without this surroundings. I Prefer this 3-D-picture to a two dimensional musical information, where the disturbances are pressed on the picture, too. I hope this can be understood: stereo helps me to ignore the crackle and concentrate on the main information. And the advantage: you can still make a mono out of it (as you did), but you cannot change a mono one track to a "3-D-reccording".
    As I said, this is just my personal taste.

    As I wrote in my article "Wie ich meine Schellacks überspiele", I want to save as much information as possible so that later listeners or improvers of the recordings have material to work with. That is also the reason why I do nearly no filtering but just decrackle and declick the recordings.

    Many Greetings from Emilio