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Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Ernst Wolff sings 18 Lieder by Erich J.Wolff

Not much is known about the composer Erich J. Wolff (full name Erich Jaques Wolff). He was born on Dec. 3rd, 1874 in Vienna and died on March, 20, 1913 in a New York hospital. I will put together a few  informations about him in a later posting. Here I just publish, without any further comments, the Columbia Masterworks Set 268, which contains five 25 cm-discs with 18 songs of Erich J. Wolff, sung by Ernst Wolff accompanying himself at the piano. It was recorded in 1936 and is the earliest known recording of a composition of Erich J.Wolff.

You'll find informations about the composer and the songs (but not on the artist - for him look here: in the booklet, which is given here in full. The pages can be enlarged to a readable size while clicking on them. They are also given in the zip-folder with the music for download, so that you don't need to copy the single pages from this site if you are interested in the set..

Columbia Masterworks Set 268 - Title

Page 2: Content

Page 3: Erich J.Wolff - Biographical notes

Song Texts and Translations

Download here:

PS. Does anyone of the readers own the book "Erich J.Wolff zum Angedenken", written by Cäsar Flaischlen and published in 1913? I found a trace of it in the internat but nobody seems to have this book. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could make this book accessible to us!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Ernst Wolff's interpretation of Erich J. Wolff's songs! I hope one of us will soon find the Flaischlen writing.

  2. Thank you for this post! I've just been listening to some of your previous Ernst Wolff postings and enjoying them greatly, so this one is a very welcome addition!