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Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

Tristan 1928 addenda

Ernest Newman

In the 1928 Tristan set, which I owned once (the transfers I posted come from another source and weren’t done by me), there were two sides with commentary by Ernest Newman (1868 – 1959), a music critic and musicologist, who was well known in England and had much influence as a critic. He visited Bayreuth regularly and wrote about it. Also he wrote a biography of Richard Wagner in four volumes. You can read about him in the Wikipedia article:

Tristan 1928, side 15

Tristan 1928, side 33

The name of the records, which were sides 15 and 33 in (the English version of) the set, are:
"The motives and their function in the opera, explained and illustrated by Ernest Newman", part one and two.
Matrix Nrs. WAX 4276-4277
Records L 2194, L 2203
Ernest Newman tells about the motives of the opera and gives examples on the piano – quite interesting. You can just listen to the sides or you also can download them (Click on the little down-to-earth-arrow below the field “info”).

Three big albums then, a little download today...

PS. As I didn’t give a photo of Ivar Andesen, who sings König Marke in the 1928 recording of Tristan, here are two photos from later Bayreuth appearances in 1934. Andresen sang until 1936 in Bayreuth (then he was 40 years old) and died just four years later.

Bayreuth 1934 - from left: Ivar Andresen, Kirsten Flagstad, unknown, KirstenFlagstad's mother, Andresen's son

Kirsten Flagstad and Ivar Andresen Bayreuth 1934

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