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Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Free Downloads of classical music – from my fellow-bloggers

As I am living with historical and classical recordings, I am also living with other blogs and their postings.  They make my musical life rich and get me new experiences with fine music. A few of them which I like very much I will recommend to you. They all are blogs, where you can download historical or classical recordings for free.

One of the best blogs for historical recordings from all around the world and from pop music styles is the blog of jillem. He is spreading recordings from 1900 (old Negro quartett recordings and early jazz) until the 70s (Reggae, African Pop music). You also find Blues, Klezmer, Accordion, mandolin and banjo recordings, field recordings from the USA, South American and Mexican music, much Gospel, Jazz and many interesting more. As he is working sometimes with copyrighted material (even if most of the CDs are so rare or out of print that nobody can buy them), his blogs get closed from time to time, but for the sake of the music fans he is keeping on. His latest blog is

Go ahead downloading, in a few weeks it is maybe too late… I have got much fine music from him and learned about music I never would have picked from my own but which is beautiful. A really educational enterprise!

Also in the sector of Pop music is “Viejos estilos musicales” (Old musical styles)

It is featuring "Pop Music" on old Extended Play-Singles or early LPs from the fifties and sixties, mainly from Spain, Mexico and Italy, with a lot of interesting and fine music. It is really worth trying to download some singles which look good to you. I discovered some haunting melodies in this, and my latest hit on the IPod is “Trio Los Panchos”, a Mexican group from the fifties. Real good stuff!

The owner of Viejos estilos has also a blog with transcriptions of classical LPs, which is fine. It is
He is running the blogs parallelly as private blogs, because he is fearing that his accounts get closed some day. You never can be sure, when it hits you, even if you only publish old and out of print music...

The owner of The Music Parlor 
was met by this fate. It seems that his Mediafire account was closed because a soundfile on his blog was mixed up by the automatical “copyright violation searcher” with a hard rock video on youtube, and even if the error is quite obvious, his account was closed and he is thinking giving up his blog. I wish him success in getting his files free again and hope he will keep on! You can read all about the case in the link I have given above.

There are other fine classical and opera blogs, which I am watching:

Modern and actual opera recitals you find on

Even the latest recital CD of Erwin Schrott is already there…

Another fine opera recordings blog is

Here you nearly find everything, also some historical recordings.

What I am always watching is “Afina tos oidos” (Tune up your ears).

Also valuable and fine is “Coloraturas”    with many complete opera recordings.

I also like the operas on  “Rofrano’s”

and the huge, mainly classical program on “Radio me la sudas”

Another fine blog is the blog of nibelung:

His latest offer is the “Schöne Müllerin” with Germaine Martinelli from 1933. In the blog there are not many recordings, but there is a treasure chamber associated with the blog on
Here on this Russian site and also on the Spanish sites shown above the translator function of Goggle Chrome is a very valuable tool to get along.

From Nibelung's site I got for example the late recordings of Elly Ney on 12 CDs, which were on my want list for a long time. Thank you!

Sorry I cannot list all of the fine blogs, but maybe sometimes I will make an update here on my blog. For today as last news: the blog from Ashot, who had the blogs “Golden age opera singers” and “Forgotten opera singers” some time ago, has moved to

And as a very last one: I don’t know why blogspot has problems of showing it correctly on my sidebar, but a very interesting blog about historical singing is the Music Antiquarian Blog:

To be continued…

PS. Find an update from June 2013 here:


  1. wow, thanks for all the links! vielen dank! :)

  2. Thank you for your support and kind words Emilio. It's very much appreciated!

  3. Hello Emilio.

    I had uploaded 2 small files on the 20th (the first for 3 weeks) then, a few hours later, could not access my account - so sent a MediaFire ticket + a counter-claim + 2 emails to the 'complainant', LeakID; with no reply from that firm.

    The (out of copyright) file was not even on the long list of links LeakID had reported to MediaFire; but I have doubts I will re-gain access to my 4 year-old account - though may soon complain to a MediaFire Vice-President.

    This cannot be 'good publicity' for them as, by now, a few thousand people will have seen the stupidity/injustice of their (in)actions.

    The 4 year-old blogs will otherwise probably not resume, although perhaps the MegaUpload files still exist on servers: but that would be a long wait...

    Thanks for the support (comments are not 'on' @ my blogs as was 'having a break' !!!).


  4. abslut toll - danke für die vielen links, und deine seite ist eine wucht! herbert

  5. Ein aktueller Update zu den Links (vom Mai 2013) findet sich hier: