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Freitag, 6. April 2012

Elisabeth Schumann sings arias by Bach (1927)

What is legal nowadays? I wanted to make an upload to Soundcloud with two Bach Arias sung by Elisabeth Schumann in 1927, and it was rejected because it was misidentified as the “EMI remastering 1985” of these arias. Two days before I wanted to upload a Tito Schipa Schellack, and it was also refused, even if it is from 1928. The Soundcloud Computer did know it, and even if he stated “unknown copyright”, I wasn’t allowed to share it with you that way. So I have to make it a little bit less convenient and give you the recordings not for instant listening but for download.

These are the arias “Aus Liebe will mein Heiland sterben” from the Matthäuspassion” (Matrix Cc12007-1) and “Es ist vollbracht” from Cantata No. 159 (Matrix Cc12009-1). Both were recorded on Nov., 11th 1927 in London,  with an orchestra directed by the then actual husband of Elisabeth Schuman, Carl Alwin. On the first aria, you hear John Amadio playing the flute, and on the second Leon Goossens the oboe.

While looking for a nice Photo on the web (I haven’t got one in my private collection, even if I like Elisabeth Schumann very much), I found the official ES website, where you can find many fine and rare photos. I have added it to my linklist. There is a fine photo of ES and Carl Alwin together. But, on the frontpage of the website you find the sentences:This website is copyright the Elisabeth Schumann Website and contributors. All rights reserved. We reserve the right to take legal action should any materials from this website be used inappropriately or in breach of copyright by another publication. Any reproduction of our images deemed to be in breach of copyright will incur usage charges. The Elisabeth Schumann Website will take appropriate measures against bandwidth theft.” 

So I decided to be a good boy and take as a photo for this posting just the picture of two commercial productions, which should be legal. The first is a fine photo and the labeling as “golden voice” (with misspelling the name as “Shumann”), the other is the 6CD Icon-Box from the EMI, where these two arias are featured, too, and which still stands on my Amazon wishlist. If you like to see better photos, just visit 

These two recordings you find here (in 192-MP3 as usual) are mastered by myself and not taken from this EMI-CD. They are from a 1927 Schellack, rough and straightforward, and I think I can publish them without breaking any law! Or there is something wrong with the laws… These two arias should be a greeting for Easter to each lover of fine singing, i.e. to you, wherever in the world you read this!

Download MP3 


  1. Guten Abend Emilio,

    Auf Wiedersehen soundsfrombygonedays long live recordplayer78.blogspot! Thanks for your support. It's appreciated! Where to store your files safely nowadays?

  2. Hello Jillem, this is really a problem. I would also like to do a second blog with LP records, but I don't dare it because prosecution has become so frequent. Hope you 'll find a new "home" and keep on posting and I will hear from you soon!