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Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

Der Tenor Carlo Caffetto (1869-1909)

The Siegmund-recordings of Urlus inspired me to feature two rare sides of a good tenor and a singer, of whom little is known. Kutsch-Riemens doesn’t mention him, but as a collector of early discs, you sometimes find recordings of him. The only information I found in the net is as follows:

 Caffetto, Carlo (Verona 1869 - London 1909): He issued records for Gramophone and Odeon Fonotipia.
Carlo Caffetto

Caffetto made his debut at a very young age around 1890 as a comprimario.
He almost immediately sang important roles: Des Grieux, Siegmund, Ernani, Roberto, Pollione, Turiddu, Radames, Enzo, ...

Outside Italy, he sang in Philadelphia (1902), Bucharest (1903), Malaga (1905),...

After Malaga in 1905, Roberto Marcocci could not find more information on him in Italian Theatrical Newspapers.

It's possible that he was active in England in his last year.

He was a versatile singer with a remarkable voice. His selections of Siegmund remind me on some Russian tenors rather than of an Italian singer. The 27cm – Odeon record was recorded in the summer of 1905 in Milan. Here is his “Siegmund bin ich”.


And here his “Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond”. Both sung in Italian.

  Cafetto 37192 xM 461 by Emilio de Gogorza

The dates: Odeon 37193/192, Matrix 462-461 xM.

I can feature another recording of him: Un di felice from La Traviata, recorded on 17 cm Berliner 52463, Matrix ?891(x) probably in the summer of the year 1900. Listen to his voice, but listen also, how a piano and one or two trumpets are imitating a complete orchestra.


PS. The foto of Caffetto and part of the information is from the blog of Ashot Arakelyan. He has an interesting blog, 

but unfortunately gives only snippets of recordings free for listening.
PPS. Another G&T of Cafetto from Aida can be listened to at Youtube (Excerpt from the Nile Duet for solo tenor, these reductions were often made in the early days of recording, G&T 52340 from 1902) :

 PPPS. You can download the single recordings from the Soundcloud-Playbars, but you can also wait a few days: I will collect the Urlus-, Caffetto-, and Singer-from-my-next-posting-recordings to a neat little MP3-Playlist which you can download as a zip-Folder in one go.


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