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Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

Caffetto corrected

Regarding my Caffetto-posting from yesterday: Sorry, instead of "Winterstürme" I did upload the Traviata again for the second time. It is now corrected. Please listen to that title (Winterstürme=Canto di Proimavera, from Walküre): It was the one where I gained the impression for the first half of a minute, that a Russian tenor is singing this. I think it is a very interesting and appealing record. But for me Wagner sung in a foreign langage always has a strange attraction: if it is the beautiful Parsifal with the participation of Callas or the scenes from the Ring and Lohengrin with Marjorie Lawrence sung in French: You think, you don't know this opera, but then it sounds somewhat familiar, too, and fascinating strange.

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