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Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

A note on Jaques Urlus

Edmund St. Austell writes in his blog lately about the Tenor Jaques Urlus.
I checked my Urlus records and found a Pathé Actuelle from about 1923 (on the record stands "Copyright 1920", but I think that's the for label and not for the recording. Or does anybody know it better? Is there an Urlus discography? -- Update from July 31th, 12: Please look at the commentary about the problem of the correct recording dates!) , which I play to you here. I also wanted to try out my new toy, a musiccloud account where I can put in recordings in my posts for listening. You can also download it there, but you needn't: when you wait about two weeks, you will get a larger playlist for download with all my recordings from the latest posts.

Well, let's try:

  Jaques Urlus - Siegmund heiss' ich (Pathe Actuelle 01282, ca. 1923) by Emilio de Gogorza 

Urlus was about 47 when he recorded this, and the voice doesn't sound very fresh to me, but you hear his outstanding tenor, which is not a real Heldentenor, als Edmund St.Austell writes, but a versatile tenor, who is able to sing Wagner and Mozart with the same voice. Here's the second  from the rarely found Pathe sides:

  Jaques Urlus -Ein Schwert verhiess mir der Vater (Walküre, Pathe Actuelle 01282, ca. 1923) by Emilio de Gogorza

Also a quite good performance, but here you have Urlus in younger and fresher beautiful voice on his recording from 1910 on Gramophone for comparison:

  Jaques Urlus: Ein Schwert verhiess mir der Vater (Gram. 1910, 042274, 481 s) by Emilio de Gogorza

-- Update from July 31th, 12:  As you may read in the commentary, it could be that the two recordings were recorded at nearly the same time around 1910. When listening again to the two recordings, I am not quite sure anymore, that the Gramophone recording is really "in younger and fresher voice", as I wrote above. If you have an opinion to that point or have more informations, please use the commentary!

Later I will give you another example of his voice in Aida, but for today it will be enough. I wish you much pleasure in listening and comparing.

Hier die Etiketten der Platten. Bei der Pathé ist keine Matrixnummer zu erkennen. Demnächst mache ich wieder eine Playliste zum Download, wo dann diese Aufnahmen und auch die Aufnahmen meiner nächsten Postings (ich weiss heute noch nicht genau welche, aber das findet sich...) zum Download "auf einen Rutsch" bereitstehen werden. Viel Spaß beim Hören und Vergleichen!
PS. Ich finde es sehr gut, wenn man auf andere Blogbeiträge, die einen inspiriert haben, reagiert, und lade alle Leser ein, das gleiche zu tun. In diesem Sinne bin ich neidisch auf Edmund St.Austell, weil seine Leser eifrig die Aufnahmen diskutieren. Es lohnt sich, dort die Kommentare zu Urlus zu lesen!


  1. There is an Urlus discography in The Record Collector Vol. 26 nos. 11/12 (Sept. 1981) by Pamela and James Dennis. These are in the group of Pathé records from Berlin 1910 (I assume the later copyright was because it was a reissue). Identified by matrix numbers discernible in your photos,they appear to be as follows:
    mx 15750 Siegmund heiss ich
    Pathé 51715,34007,60034
    mx 15751 Ein Schwert verhiess mir der Vater
    Pathé 52038,34007,60034
    The current catalog numbers are different, probably due to reissue, but the matrix numbers should be reliable. Hope this helps. Thanks for the uploads, and I look forward to reading more of your blog....TL Ramey

    1. Thank you for this information! I didn't have the discography, and on the records matrix Nos. aren't given. As it is a 25 cm record and the old Pathés are 27 cm (as far as I know), this could be a new recording (when it is not in the discography it musn't mean that the recording doesn't exist)or a re-recording from the old matrix of the older recording. Maybe someone else knows more? With the help of many, we will collect informations and make our blogs better and better...

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