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Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Historical recordings for Download – Schellack-Blogs

Today I write about blogs where you can download historical recordings for free. I am just a newbie and have no long experience with blogs and downloads, but as I see right now there is a great excitement about the closure of Megaupload today. A few blogs with classical CDs have closed from one minute to another, maybe because of a fear to be prosecuted. One of my favourite blogs, which I was just starting to explore, is affected by the close of Megaupload, and the owner just wrote today, that most of his download links from the last few years don’t  work anymore and he probably will not have the time to fix them again. Poor me! Nevertheless it is very valuable to search at
Here you find acoustical recordings of Pfitzner conducting Schumann and Beethoven, nearly complete recordings of the pianist Walter Rehberg and other goodies. Very much knowledge and good and rare material - no wonder for someone, who is good friend with Ward Marston, one of the gurus in the scene of shellack collectors and recording engineers.
A good tip are the blogs of Satyr, which I appreciate very much. They were my model and guide how to make a blog when I came here first a few weeks ago, and I copied some things from him, for example my filehoster and other details. He has 4 Blogs, which you find at the right side of this one   
He is very busy and I hope he will keep on for a long time. But as I see from my reactions on download possibilities, collectors always want more, and often I hesitate to make the effort of downloading a single track. Afterwards you have to store it, name it correctly etc. so that you can use it for your collection and don’t take it just for listening to it one time. In the future I will sometimes make larger collections of recordings to offer for you than just a single shellack side. I like it, when I can get a few recordings or a longer work on one download catch, and I think you do, too. Just now I am listening to the fine transfers from shellack of Satyr of Elly Ney playing Beethovens second Piano concerto and Andor Foldes with the Mozart KV 450. My requests!

Another good site for Operatics like me is the Blog with good material, always well informed and easy to download as MP3 (which I prefer. It takes much time to change FLAC-files to WAV or MP3, so that I can hear them on my 160 GB-IPod…!). I just downloaded Act 2 Walküre from 1936, the only recorded time where Kirsten Flagstad and Lotte Lehmann worked together. But it is 73 Minutes MP3 in one piece, and I will have to cut it in shorter tracks so that it is usable for me. (You can get "all you can eat", but you have to "chew" the music on your own and make it useable for yourself...)

These are my picked fruits for today. Do you have any tips for me where to find more historical vocal material?

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  1. Dear Emilio, thank you very much for your kind words! Greetings, Satyr