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Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Happy new year!

For the new year, on many opera houses the "Fledermaus" from Johnan Strauss was played traditionally. Here is a recording from Vienna around 1905 with many artist from Mahlers Hofoper, who seldom recorded otherwise: Rudolf Hofbauer, Arthur Preuss (with Kittel the best known of these singers), Carlo Böhm, Hermine Kittel, Dora Keplinger and Philla Wolff, with the Sextett from Fledermaus.

Traditionellerweise spielt man zu Sylvester die Fledermaus. Ich bin zwar schon etwas spät mit meinen Sylvestergrüssen, bringe aber hier noch eine Aufnahme aus dem Wien der Mahler-Zeit mit, in der die gute Laune der Fledermaus gut rüberkommt. Es singen Rudolf Hofbauer, Arthur Preuss , Carlo Böhm, Hermine Kittel, Dora Keplinger and Philla Wolff. Die Daten: G&T 044054, Mx. 154 s. Ich weiss es nicht genau, aber ich schätze, die Aufnahme stammt von 1905/6.


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  1. Thank you - a very late thank you! - for your New Year present, Emilio! It has explained something to me which I'd never understood before. I always found the records from Mahler's Vienna under-whelming: rather ordinary voices, however expertly used. Why would Mahler choose them? Where were the outstanding voices?

    But in this record I realised what I'd overlooked: it's not the solo voices, it's the blend, the ensemble, that stands out. When they sing together, they create something really beautiful, and that's more important than having a 'starry' voice standing out from the others. I guess that would have been clearer to me if I could have seen them on stage in whole operas; but at least I have this recording to remind me that big solo voices are not the only thing a good opera director should be looking for!

    Thank you for a little piece of education!