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Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Die Sängerin Luise Szabo

Heute stelle ich eine Sängerin vor, die sehr jung gestorben ist und deren Erinerung hauptsächlich aus ein paar Seiten besteht, die sie ca. 1929 für Ultraphon aufgenommen hat. Es ist die ungarische Sängerin Luise Szabo, deren Aufnahmen ich sehr schätze. Heute gibt es zwei Aufnahmen:

Die Aufnahme aus der Entführung (Ultraphon E 759, 15852 Z) gefällt mir besonders gut, aber auch die Arie der Olympia aus Hoffmanns Erzählungen (Ultraphon E 760, 15851-1 Z) lebt von ihrer warmen Stimme und von ihrer Koloraturkunst. Die Mozart-Aufnahme ist, wie man auf dem Bild sehen kann, extrem weit bis zum Papieretikett bespielt.

Die Downloads sind hier:

Entführung aus dem Serail

Hoffmanns Erzählungen

English speaking readers will find a biographical scetch in another blog I just found via Google, as I searched for biographical informations about the singer. Please read this and find another recording (Queen of the Night-Aria) from her:

Picture and Bio

Why should I make the work to write it down by myself when someone different has already done this in his good thing named blog? I really like blogs...


  1. Thank you for the introduction to Luise Szabo, and the link to the Zauberflote aria. I must say I found it a disappointment though... She's technically precise, and it's good to hear the voice sounding even through the whole range, even at the very top notes; but there is something mechanical in the way she sings, and a lack of any emotion - she just leaves me cold.

    From your comments, and what the other blogger says about her, there are obviously plenty of people who will disagree with me! Perhaps they will disagree with me even more if I say that we hear too many technically-correct but emotionally-empty singers today, and maybe I am hearing her voice 'through' their recordings & liking her less for it!!

    Still - - I am always pleased to be able to put another voice, and name, and face, into my mental database of the past, and a Hungarian voice at that. Thank you for that pleasure!

  2. Dear Fattoxxon, thank you for your nice commentaries. I always like to read about people who are really LISTENING to the recordings, and I have to admit, that I often have the music more in the background when listening to it. But it is my claim to present music where you can make discoveries... I will take your comment as a stimulation to listen again to my other Szabo recordings and present them here, too. I liked her Entführung aria very much (I will think about if it is more Mozart or Szabo why I like it!), and I will excavate her other recordings in the next time. Sometimes for me there are decades between having an impression of a singer and listening to his recordings again. The same is with Lotte Lehmann's Frauenliebe und -leben, which I am preparing to present right now...